Study: Sepsis could be fought against with the help of electronic health records

Medical information featured in EHRs seems to have helped on group of researchers successfully predict the presence of sepsis.

Every little bit of evidence that shows the effectiveness of electronic health records could be seen as another caution to use them correctly and do everything that is needed to maintain high standards, perhaps including seeking out healthcare coding and consulting services.

A study that recently appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association identified one aspect of proper healthcare that the right use of these records might help with: detecting and reducing cases of "sepsis."

More than 740 patients with the symptoms of this inflammation were examined over the course of this study, and it was discovered that the information in their records led to a high level of accuracy in predicting the presence of sepsis. Moreover, depending on what kinds of variables are present, the authors allege that there study has generated "a new scheme" for sepsis detection and prevention.

Health Canal featured a quote from one of the authors of the study, Hien Nguyen, on the impetus behind this work.

"Finding a precise and quick way to determine which patients are at high risk of developing the disease is critically important," Nguyen said. "We wanted to see if EHRs could provide the foundation for knowing when aggressive diagnosis and treatment are needed and when they can be avoided."

As your own practice looks to stem the growth of the particular diseases that are most prominent among its patients, you can contract the kind of healthcare IT consulting that might make your records systems more efficient. Once this is done, you might have a better idea of the steps that need to be taken toward prevention and better care.

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