Why aren’t physicians satisfied with their electronic records?

Physician satisfaction may seem like a small part of measuring the usefulness of EHRs, but an important one all the same.

It's important to understand the reasons that physicians are currently uncomfortable with their electronic health records offerings.

A study on this subject from Rand Health, commissioned by the American Medical Association, combed through information from 30 different practices and looked at both the positive and negative factors.

One complaint, which seems to have been a common one, is that the amount of EHR regulations don't make the process easy. There were other issues noted, though, including "poor usability, time-consuming data entry, interference with face-to-face patient care, inefficient and less fulfilling work content, inability to exchange health information, and degradation of clinical documentation."

On the other hand, the report did note that most physicians felt they were earning enough money. The problem seems to be mostly external in this case, coming from outside forces rather than the specifics of their individual practices.

Overall, physicians seem to have been mostly dissatisfied with the way that records are being handled today. The report concludes with "recommendations," including keeping more tabs on the actual rates of physician satisfaction as implementation occurred, which might be one improvement that a physician consultant could suggest.

As Forbes contributor Nicole Fisher mentions, though, "EHRs are here to stay – after all, it is a booming market for a reason."

So even though it may not be the biggest deciding factor, the feelings of your physicians toward the records systems you use are important and should be noted. Other elements crucial to the high-functioning of records can be prioritized by the healthcare consulting firms that you take on.

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