Healthcare tattoos could link patients directly to healthcare data systems

Could a special skin "tattoo" have implications for health data?

As technology gets smaller and smaller, the ways that it can influence patient lives grows exponentially. The ability to connect to the internet via a device with a screen the size of an index card might already be enough to astound some, but things might get even more condensed if the technology behind data-collecting electronic "Biostamps" takes off. There's a role here for healthcare consulting services to advise practices as to how they can collect and interpret information without violating HIPAA.

Fast Company recently reported on this possible trend and some of the companies that are leading the way. The idea of a small, unobtrusive "tattoo" that can affix to the skin and give doctors a look at health data seems to have special appeal for different kinds of patients with demanding needs for care, like those with Parkinson's Disease. Some of the data that could be life-saving is so hard to trace normally that it really does require constant monitoring.

The Biostamp is the name of one particular product being developed by MC10​ explored by Fast Company. The article features quotes from market development director Nirav Sheth, who expressed great optimism over what this technology might eventually accomplish.

"By providing information we can overcome distance and disability," he said. "It's that dual evil that prevents many Americans from getting the care they deserve."

It's not just America who has their eyes on this technology: a piece in the Australian recently took note of the possibilities of these tattoos, and noted the advantages they would represent when compared to current wearable devices.

However, the existence of devices like this that interact with data so easily needs to be paralleled with a long term care consultant that understands the rules that apply.

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