Look to outside sources for the support staff your practice needs

Consultants can be part of an overall need for more healthcare staff.

In order to make sure all medical initiatives are implemented and upheld correctly, the proper amount of support staff should be contracted, and this can extend to the healthcare coding and consulting services you need to make sure that everything is compliant.

FierceHealthIT recently featured an article pertaining to the statistics from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society that point toward a need for specific staff members able to assist with certain functions.

This includes clinical application support, which has been an increasing source of interest for medical providers. More than 80 percent of the respondents apparently hired at least one person in 2013, and the amount of participants who specifically need support for clinical application increased by 14 percent.

Despite this need, it seems to be a relatively stable time for hiring in the healthcare field in general, though this shouldn't distract from the need for new types of workers in some cases, who may be able to fill in the gaps quickly and efficiently.

Writing for InformationWeek, Meg Grimes discusses the traits that workers in healthcare IT will need to develop in order to make themselves more marketable and relevant for today's tech landscape.

"As healthcare becomes more focused on team- and value-based care, so should healthcare IT," she writes. "This means hiring people who excel at working with others and who are interested in improving efficiency along the way."

As such, the healthcare consultants that share these values can give practices a greater sense of accessibility and help to fill that growing need for qualified staff. Success in healthcare compliance consulting requires not just workers who are knowledgeable, but those who can match the changing needs of the times.

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