ACO’s to get funding boost from CMS investment program

The CMS may be devoting more than $100 million to supporting ACOs around the country.

A press release from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently announced a plan to channel more resources to Affordable Care Organizations through a special program. The ACO Investment Model will devote as much as $114 million to support dozens of ACOs with the help of the CMS Innovation Center.

The statement only features basic details about the initiative but does say that organizations who wish to apply need to get their materials in by December and have participated in the Shared Savings Program at least once since 2012. For those that haven't yet participated, the application period will begin next summer.

With this extra money, ACO's may have more leeway to address their patient populations. Those that aren't sure or need legal support while instigating these programs should work with healthcare consulting firms for extra perspective.

CMS hopes that this practice will make it easier for these different ACOs to provide care, especially in rural areas. Marilynn Tavenner, the administrator of the CMS, said that the program will make it easier for providers to get the help they need.

"The ACO Investment Model will give Medicare Accountable Care Organizations more flexibility in setting quality and financial goals, while giving them greater accountability for delivering quality care efficiently," she said. "We are working with these organizations to make necessary investments that encourage doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to work together to better coordinate care and keep people healthy."

Whether or not your company has taken the time to join the Savings Program in the past, it's important to invest in the right assistance for the future.

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