Report: EHRs will lead to billions in savings

Electronic health records could both save practices money and help them improve care conditions.

Juniper Research has announced that electronic health records (EHRs) will save practitioners nearly $80 billion by 2019. According to information cited in a press release from the company,  this is partly because medical professionals will become more and more closely tied to EHRs and Accountable Care Organizations. While this doesn't mean that records are guaranteed to get better in coming years, it does show a need for different records users to uphold the same levels of high performance to increase progress.

Summarizing the report, this release notes that the increase in digital options for users means that records and their uses are getting more attention. An expert quoted in the article said that EHR's would become the "glue" of a unified healthcare system in the future.

Despite the threats to records, some are speaking optimistically of the way that records will improve care for patients as well as reduce budgets. Writing for InformationWeek, Mansur Hasib recently discussed the possible impact of highly accessible data on patient livelihoods and overall performance.

"If artificial intelligence systems are built using the medical minds of the doctors that choose the right answers, these technological solutions sift through an incredible amount of data and provide more medically reliable recommendations," he said. He adds that doctors are"much more likely to make a decision based on complete information, not incomplete data," hence the need for fully updated records.

Whether it's human cost or the cost of human lives, dedicating more time and resources to improving medical records is key to reaping all possible benefits and making digital processes more efficient. Healthcare consulting firms will aid practices that need to concentrate on this.

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