Study: Online telemedical treatment helps eczema cases as much as normal treatment

A study recently found that online communication helped eczema sufferers as much as standard treatment.

As more and more studies show the usefulness of online consultations in helping different medical conditions, your practice should make sure that it has the infrastructure and support necessary to make sharing important information possible. A study from the University of Colorado recently published in JAMA Dermatology found that cases of eczema tend to improve after telecommunication the same way they do with ordinary visits.

According to Reuters, the study looked at 156 different patients suffering from Eczema, who communicated with their medical provider over the course of a year, sending pictures and information concerning medical history via their home computers. The respondents ranged in age from children to adults, and some received prescriptions from their dermatologists remotely based on their correspondence and pictures.

The results suggest that this form of communication works as well as the standard in-person means of care, and is a sign of the potential of the internet to shape healthcare strategies. 

"New models of health care delivery for dermatological care have the potential to increase access and improve patient-centered outcomes," the report reads. "The direct-access online model results in equivalent improvements in atopic dermatitis clinical outcomes as in-person care. Direct-access online care may represent an innovative model of delivering dermatological services to patients with chronic skin diseases."

If this option proves to be this effective in treating other conditions, then practices should be prepared for greater use of internet-based sources to generate usable information and help drive the interaction between the patient and the provider.

Healthcare consulting firms helps when medical providers find themselves trying to understand how these initiatives fit into their current practices, since not all will be ready to determine whether a practice is government -compliant or not..

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