Marilyn Tavenner resigns CMS

The head of the CMS is resigning.

The past year has seen multiple examples of government health officials leaving or changing their posts, and it seems that 2015 has brought us a rather significant one within its first month. Marilyn Tavenner, head administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) since 2013, is officially leaving her position. In total, she has worked for that organization for just about five years.

As Federal News Radio cites, Tavenner was closely linked to the rollout, but there are other related changes to the federal health policy system that could linger behind as part of her legacy. These include more stringent fraud prevention measures and a general decrease in healthcare spending.

The source features excerpts of an email from Tavenner, who described some of the challenges the CMS has faced and praised the way the organization managed the budget. Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services, said Principal Deputy Administrator Andy Slavitt will take Tavenner's place, and remarked on the impact of her leadership.

Burwell said that in the process of making the online Health Insurance Marketplace function, Tavenner "worked day and night so that millions of Americans could finally obtain the security and peace of mind of quality health insurance at a price they could afford. It's a measure of her tenacity and dedication that after the tough initial rollout of, she helped right the ship, bringing aboard a systems integrator and overseeing an overhaul of the website," she said.

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