Florida residents suffer medical records mix-ups

A mail mixup has exposed residents in Florida to the wrong medical information.

Digital health records have to improve upon the problems with existing medical health information systems to bring worthwhile changes to organizations. Managed incorrectly, physical records can still wind up in the wrong hands, even accidentally, as a story from Tampa Bay news source WFLA has reported. The source recently described multiple incidents in which veterans' medical information arrived in the mail of the wrong people, seemingly by mistake.

In one case, a female Navy veteran, Carol McBride, received the sensitive personal information of a male soldier in the same file as her own data. Not only does this mean her actual data could be in the wrong hands as well, but that she may have caused a security hazard herself simply by looking at this other person's information. McBride has reportedly tried to contact the local Veterans Affairs office, to no avail as of yet.

"I don't want to be responsible for someone else's medical records," she told the source. "I know more about him than I should know about him, and had it been someone who's not honest, they could have taken quite a bit of advantage of him," she added of the person whose records she has.

Another veteran, Randy Blackford, found himself in a similar situation when he discovered the medical details of the wrong person included in a disability letter from the VA. The department's regional director is said to be looking into the incident and claims to take privacy protection seriously.

Securing medical records is harder with all of the different resources for disseminating information out there, but it needs to be done to guarantee patient privacy. Centers that work specifically with those who need lots of attention can use a long term care consultant to help manage records issues.

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