New Anthem monitoring system seeks to help recovery from breach

Anthem is attempting to help all those affected by a recent, highly-publicized security breach.

Those affected by the recent Anthem insurance breach now have an additional bit of help in recovering, thanks to an identity monitoring program now offered by the company. On the official AnthemFacts website, established when news of the breach was first reported to help keep victims informed, viewers can now read details about the deal, which extends across all of the different plans included under the Anthem umbrella, including Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield.

To provide two free years of "identity theft repair and credit monitoring services," Anthem has teamed up with AllClear ID and will add these benefits automatically without any enrollment requirements. An additional "PRO" level of protection is also available for those who choose to sign up for it.

These services include several different components, such as phone alerts, special identity theft insurance and "repair assistance."

"Should a member experience fraud, an investigator will do the work to recover financial losses, restore the member's credit, and ensure the member's identity is returned to its proper condition," WTNH reported, referencing Anthem. "This assistance will cover any fraud that has occurred since the incident first began."

Despite these measures, Anthem is facing multiple lawsuits regarding this now-infamous security breach. The Albany Times-Union reported on February 9 that federal courts in states across the country, including Indiana, California and Alabama, have already seen lawsuits filed against the insurer, with more possibly to come.

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