Total numbers revealed for Anthem security breach

More information about the full range of the Anthem health insurance breach is now available.

At this point, we've known for some time about the recent online data breach that exposed sensitive personal information. However, at first, the specific number of those affected was not available, only the general estimate of 80 million which could have been affected. However, more information has recently been released by the company, which shows the impact of the hack on individual states.

All in all, the information of 78.8 million customers and employees was in the database that the attack targeted. Of the affected New England states listed by the Boston Globe, Connecticut featured the most victims, with 1.7 million consumers affected by the breach. Naming complete totals is difficult, since 14 million records are currently listed as "incomplete," according to the source.

Speaking to the Globe, Anthem spokeswoman Kristin Binns reassured the source that Anthem is reaching out to members, referring them to the official website that the company has established just to address this hack crisis. 

"Every one of these individuals, these 78.8 million members, will be notified directly," she said. "Members who have been impacted, we encourage them to visit that site. The hope is that would give members some peace of mind." Anthem will also address members of Blue Cross Blue Shield, a healthcare brand that it operates in 14 states across the country.

The breach could reach even those who were not direct customers of Anthem. Fortune reports that an additional 18.8 million people in this group could possibly also be at risk.

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