HIPAA risk analysis could reveal key focus areas

HIPAA adherence involves consistent assessment.

Organizations that undertake a HIPAA adherence review could discover troubling gaps in the system where they fail to meet proper standards, but it could be better in the long run if they do. If they don't take the time and effort to thoroughly look over their policies and behaviors, another entity could be the one to determine this, which will be worse for the organization's reputation.

One of the main concerns of an assessment is to measure how current an IT policy is, and whether it is in line with the latest health IT guidelines. The heads of operations within health entities shouldn't think of a HIPAA review as a momentary process, but as something they work on over and over and hone based on new information and circumstances. 

This is what the department of Health and Human Services suggests on the official online Summary of the HIPAA Security Rule. Security protections should be "continuous, reasonable, and appropriate," as well as properly maintained. A suitable analysis will also include documentation of the reasons behind security measure adoption, which could provide a clearer picture of an organization's approach to IT management later on.

There is also the matter of different levels of safeguards and protections outlined by the source, which include access controls, audit controls and administrative safeguards. Among these are training and workforce management, which apply to any employee who has to handle information that could be considered electronic protected health information, or e-PHI. Assessing the strength of the different security measures already in place helps to determine what needs to be changed in the future.

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