New Senate workgroup will promote better EHR use

A newly announced Senate workgroup is targeting EHR efficiency for providers and physicians.

HealthcareITNews reports that the Senate will create a special working group to address industry concerns surrounding Electronic Health Record (EHR) performance. According to this source, the group will include health IT developers and care professionals, as well as members of government agencies and the existing Senate health committee.

Some of the specific points the group intends to explore include better health information security, greater patient engagement and a better standard for interoperability when it comes to EHRs. The greater overriding goal is to improve the function of records for both physicians and providers, as one of the senators behind this effort, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, said.

In a press release from Alexander's official website, he and Washington senator Patty Murray announced the purpose of this group. The latter affirmed the essential nature of electronic health records in optimizing health system performance across the country.

"Having more and better information can make all the difference for patients, so I look forward to working with Chairman Alexander and members of our Committee to strengthen our nation's health IT infrastructure and improve quality of care and patient safety in Washington state and across the country," Murray said.

Understanding the role of electronic health records in the current technological environment may require centers to think beyond the current hardware that they use for access. To optimize an electronic records system, the health network has to anticipate how the requirements of data systems will change and how providers will need to adjust their IT infrastructure to embrace them.

Diligent healthcare IT consulting services will let health organizations assess their current systems so they can create a plan for better efficiency based on compliance with legal regulations. Experienced consultants will be more ready to devise a solution perfectly suited for the provider's purpose.

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