Majority of recent ICD-10 test claims accepted, says CMS

More ICD-10 testing results from CMS show a high claims acceptance rate.

End-to-end testing remains an important tactic for ensuring practice readiness as the ICD-10 deadline gets closer. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced the results of its April-to-May testing period, which involved nearly 875 providers and billing companies, as the organization mentions in an official results statement.

Most of the tested claims were successfully submitted, perhaps indicating a growth in the level of preparation among these entities. CMS had conducted another testing period this January, and the source says that testing has improved on multiple fronts with fewer errors detected and more claims submitted in general in the most recent round of testing.

Of the 23,238 test claims received in this latest round, 20,306 were accepted, translating to an acceptance rate of 88 percent. Half of the claims received were professional, as opposed to 43 percent institutional and 7 percent supplier claims. No issues were detected among the professional and supplier claims, and only one issue was detected related to institutional claims.

"Certain inpatient hospital test claims were inappropriately processed due to a systems issue with codes that are exempt from Present on Admission reporting," CMS said in its statement. "This issue will be resolved prior to the July end-to-end testing week, and testers will have an opportunity to re-submit these test claims."

The official deadline for the ICD-10 code conversion is October 1, and the source noted that the Medicare claims processing system will not be able to accept ICD-9 claims after September 30. More testing education is planned in the meantime to reduce errors further.

For proper advisory in ICD-10 preparation, health organizations can work with healthcare consulting firms for specialized measures that improve a staff's coding skills and knowledge.

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