MACRA Faces Possible Delay

The CMS could potentially delay MACRA implementation, according to Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt.

After all of the emphasis on MACRA and its impact, it now seems that the new program could face a delay. Because of the changes coming to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the organization might grant physicians more time to adapt to reporting measures. The new rule for payment under MACRA isn't due until November, but the planned implementation date is scheduled for Jan. 1 after that. 

Organizations like the American Association for Family Planning have already called for implementation to be delayed a year. Last month, the American Medical Association called for numerous MACRA and MIPS measures, including a "transitional reporting period" and more simplified approach to MIPS to ease use.

CMS is reportedly responding to previous concerns about the rollout as well as questions from senators. Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt recently addressed the Senate directly in an appearance before its Finance Committee on July 13.

He confirmed that the organization is interested in promoting alternative payment models, according to the text of the official testimony.

"We want to make sure that in addition to encouraging physicians and other clinicians to improve quality of care by participating in APMs that best fit their practice and patient needs, physicians and clinicians are not subject to duplicative, overly burdensome reporting requirements," Slavitt said.

During this same hearing, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden called the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate program "hopelessly broken" and "out of date." As a result, he cited the need for new changes and rules to create a more efficient reimbursement plan.

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