How To Avoid OIG Exclusions

Search through multiple databases with our LWEnSCheck tool.

Are you screening the databases? "As of April 1, 2016, 11 cases totaling almost $1.1 million dollars have been settled" as a result of employers failing to properly screen and monitor the databases for excluded individuals an entities. If you're unsure of the status of your employees or potential hires, the consequences could be costly.

The Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General has settled cases with several different entities last year alone, including skilled nursing facilities, nurse practitioners, physicians and hospitals. Ensuring your employees and business entities are in good standing with the OIG will protect you from becoming a target.

Did you know that how you screen for exclusions matters? The OIG shares several recommendations for thorough database searches. Employers may have to search for the same person under multiple names, including using each part of a hyphenated name.

You should check for spelling and in some cases it may be helpful to use the first few letters of a name to increase accuracy. Don't forget to verify identity. This can require checking the corresponding Social Security Number of an individual or Employee Identification Number of an entity.

As you might suspect, the process of combing through the lists can be exhausting, and a single omission could still lead to penalties. This is where LW Consulting's LWEnS Check can help. By subscribing to the service, providers can easily screen and monitor multiple databases. For those that prefer, you can even outsource the task to us.

For less than $40 a month (billed annually, with the option to purchase additional state sanctioned databases ), LWEnS Check is easy to use and efficient. Make sure you are preforming checks on a regular basis to avoid large settlements later.

The OIG continues to target excluded employees. LWEnS Check can help! Learn more about this service and subscribe now.

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