CMS Offers Four Options For Future MACRA Compliance

Healthcare professionals have multiple paths to MACRA adoptions, CMS' Andy Slavitt said.

As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services further explore the impact of MACRA, it will likely release more and more details for concerned participants. Adapting to the new policy can involve not just understanding what the standard entails but specifically preparing for the future.

Andy Slavitt, the CMS acting administrator, has addressed this more than once and gave some more details about the "Pick Your Pace" plan in a September 8 blog post. According to this article, MACRA's provisions, collectively known as the Quality Payment Program, will give physicians four different ways to take part.

Though a final rule is still pending release this November, the official start date for the Program is currently January 1, 2017. Each of the four options involve this date in some way, and the first simply requires participants to submit some data through the program.

The second path only requires partial participation, which could start after the deadline, and the third involves full participation that takes place consistently throughout the year.

The final option, Advanced Alternative Payment Model, would possibly award some incentives over the next two years in addition to qualifying users for the payment program.

Despite these different options, medical centers still need to take MACRA seriously. In an editorial for Diagnostic Imaging, Gabriel Perna encouraged preparations and made a distinction between compliance with this new act and the ICD-10 concerns from previous years.

"Often, you'd talk with providers and they said they couldn't aptly prepare because it seemed as if it'd be delayed forever," he said of ICD-10. "That will not be the case with MACRA because the timelines are baked into the law. Moreover, CMS is gearing up for a switch to value-based care and MACRA is the vehicle in which they'll make that transition more of a reality."

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